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The Coffee Table (2022)

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The Coffee Table (2022)
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The Coffee Table (2022)

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Perhaps one of the cruelest films you can watch, The Coffee Table will leave you sweaty, breathless, and anxious. 





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[00:00:20] Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the final Girl on 6th Avenue podcast. My name is Carol Carolyn Smith Hillmer and I am 6th Avenue's very own final girl. [00:00:31] And I know that I apologize a lot for the things that I say on this show and the things that I talk about with regard to these movies. But I am here once again to apologize to you because today we are going to be talking about 2022 film the coffee table. [00:00:52] Now, if you are part of any, I don't know, horror social media circles or accounts that you may follow on social media, you might have already heard of the coffee table. [00:01:05] The original title, it's a spanish film, is la mecita del commodore. Which coffee table, if you haven't heard of it yet, I'm very sorry for what I'm about to tell you. I want to frame this a little bit for you by telling you that this is intended to be a horror comedy. [00:01:32] I know what you're thinking. Caroline doesn't like horror comedies. That's true. That is typically very, very accurate. That's a very fair statement to make. [00:01:44] This goes beyond horror comedy and is nearly pitch black. [00:01:56] So if you like black comedy or, you know, dark comedy, it's certainly not, you know, horror comedy like Rocky horror picture show. So if that's what you're expecting, turn this episode off. Do not watch this movie. [00:02:14] It's not going to work out well. Okay. It's not. [00:02:19] As always, we have to reference our bible. IMDb Jesus and Maria are a couple going through a difficult time in their relationship. Nevertheless, they have just become parents to shape their new life. They decide to buy a new coffee table. Decision that will change their existence. [00:02:40] This is written and directed by Calle Casas, starring David Pareja and Estefania de los Santos. [00:02:47] And it is 1 hour, 30, 1 minute runtime and it's rated 16 plus. [00:02:54] I guess that seems accurate. [00:02:57] I don't know that a 16 year old would fully grasp the, the entirety of this film, but I say, hey, if it floats your boat, go for it. [00:03:11] So I stumbled across this while scrolling on social media one night and I thought, oh, I've never heard of this movie. But I do like spanish horror films. I do like, you know, horror films from other countries. It's interesting to watch how differently things are paced and the dialogue and the way that the characters react to certain things that happen. [00:03:32] It's certainly not your average run of the mill Friday the 13th style slasher film, but it's certainly creative and it has appeared to captivate a small portion, a niche portion of the american horror film audience. [00:03:49] So with that introduction, I would like to tell you about the coffee table. [00:03:59] Our film opens on a woman, Maria. [00:04:02] She's giving birth to her son, and immediately after the birth is over on being shown on screen. Anyway, Jesus and Maria and their new child have decided that they're going to buy a coffee table. So they go to this furniture store. It appears to be like a discount furniture store. And the salesman is telling Maria, Jesus and their baby all about this coffee table. [00:04:31] From what I've gathered, the Internet seems to believe that this coffee table is ugly. And for that matter, the people in the film also think the coffee table is ugly. [00:04:42] So I don't know what it says about me that I actually like this coffee table and would consider having this in my home. [00:04:50] It is introduced by the salesman as a rorette coffee table, and it is very Ikea esque or Ikea adjacent. [00:05:03] It's essentially two women that are bending backwards. [00:05:08] They're on their knees, they're bending backwards, and their hands are like the top of their heads. And their hands are what's holding up the glass that goes on top of them, which is essentially the table part of the coffee table. [00:05:21] And the salesman is telling them, like, this glass is unbreakable. This is a classy look. This is an expensive, luxurious piece of furniture. The women's bodies are coated in bronze. Like really, really driving home this table. He really wants to sell it. [00:05:40] And he's like, you know, you can envision having a coffee on this table or an operative with your loved ones on this table. And I guarantee you that this table is going to change your life for the better. [00:05:55] He says that it's going to fill their home with happiness. [00:05:58] You know, they have a small child. They're kind of thinking about the fact that this glass is not breakable. I mean, that's pretty good, right? You have a small child, things break. [00:06:08] Maria immediately hates it. And Jesus doesn't really like it, but he wants it simply because it's something that Maria hates. That's why he likes it. [00:06:26] So the salesman is keeping going on because Maria is already saying, no, don't bring this thing home. I hate this. This is ugly. It doesn't go with anything else in our home. And Jesus is like, I don't know. I mean, doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. And the salesman continues to try to push and push, and, you know, Maria is like, hey, listen, would you have this coffee table in your house? Like, do you like it? [00:06:54] And the guy is like, oh, I love this coffee table, but I don't have one in my house. I have a very similar one. [00:07:02] And Maria's like, well, this is the best table that you have. Then why is it still here? And why don't you have one? [00:07:09] And the salesman goes on to say that, you know, it. It's a. It's too expensive for me. However, I have it marked down, so it's a bargain. And it's vintage, you know, style. So what have you, right? Like, what else can I say to you? Jesus pushes Maria and says, look, I love this coffee table. I want to take this coffee table home. The price doesn't matter. You chose everything in our house. You chose everything on our wedding day, from the suit that I wore to my mother's dress to every little detail that's in our apartment. And all you said was that I could have a coffee table. [00:07:49] He kind of pauses, and Maria is like, say what you want to say. You know, don't stop there. And Jesus admits, you even, you know, decided whenever you wanted to have a baby. When I didn't want to. So this whole thing is crazy. I couldn't even choose my son's name. I love him. I'm not rejecting him. [00:08:10] They just, like, they can't let this thing go, right? [00:08:13] He comments about the name. Maria says his name is Cayetano. The salesman's name is also Cayetano. Jesus says that this is a shitty name named after a fascist bullfighter. [00:08:25] And the salesman is kind of just like, look, there's no solution for the name of your kid. There's no solution for any of these problems. I can't help you with this, but all I really need you to do is to find me a solution on whether or not you're going to buy this coffee table, because I have other customers that I need to help. [00:08:41] Maria is not letting this man get away with anything. She's telling him he's sleazy, that this table is not going to bring us happiness. It's, you know, she's like, look at us now. Do you think that this fucking table is making us happy? Is it bringing us happiness right now in this store? [00:08:59] But the salesman goes on to say, if you treat the table well, it will make you happy. [00:09:05] Kind of like you treat a dog, I guess. [00:09:08] Maria goes on to ask if, you know, this coffee table has a bulletproof glass on it, which is why it's unbreakable. And the salesman goes on to say, look, a marriage can be broken. A vase can be broken. [00:09:25] But if you treat this coffee table well, I promise you everything is going to be fine. [00:09:31] Maria storms out. [00:09:34] Jesus says, I will take this. Even out of pride, I will take this. The salesman says, I like you because you have a personality. I like that they're alone at this point. Jesus and the salesman. And the salesman admits honestly to Jesus that he actually hates this table. But, you know, thanks for the sale and come fill out the paperwork with me now. Again, I still like the table, and I'm confused why everyone seems to think that it's ugly. [00:10:07] They walk off to sign the paperwork, and then we get the introductory credit scene, which is essentially the instruction manual for how to put the table together with the names of the cast on it. It's very creative. I very much enjoyed it. And one thing I have to say about the instruction manual for the coffee table is, wow, if this is not meant to be an Ikea piece of furniture or, like, an IKEA instruction book or even one from fucking Amazon. Like, you have me fucked up, right? Like, it is identical. [00:10:48] So we get the title screen. And at this point, now we're back at the apartment building. Jesus is alone, trying to bring this coffee table in the box because it was cheap, remember? So he has to put it together. That's what you have to do with Ikea furniture. [00:11:03] And so he's moving it up the stairs. It's large. It's heavy. He's doing it all on his own. And when he finally gets to the top, which he must have gone up, like, I don't know, seven or eight flights of stairs. Like, there's. It's. This is outrageous. Like, I don't think I could do something like this unless it was like life or death. I don't think I could carry a rather heavy looking coffee table all the way up and down that many flights of stairs. But anyways, once he finally gets up to the top, Maria goes to open the door, and they are greeted by unexpectedly, I'll have you, their upstairs neighbors, which is a mother, and her teenage daughter, Ruth. And Ruth is holding their family pet, their dog, and she's just in a bad mood. Like, she's unfriendly, she is moody. She's a teenager. And the mom comments, you know, she's met this boy. She spends all day in a bad mood. I guess it's not going well. And Ruth is like, well, he's not my boyfriend. This is different. And Maria says, you know, hey, that's being a teenager. Like, it's fine. But Ruth says he didn't dump me. He loves me, but he just won't tell me because he's a coward. And she kind of side eyes Jesus, which is, like, really weird and uncomfortable. [00:12:22] But the upstairs neighbor tells Maria to please enjoy the baby while it's a baby because as they get older and start to have feelings, they become rather annoying. [00:12:33] The neighbor congratulates Maria and Jesus, and the neighbor descends down the stairs. Presumably they're taking the dog outside for a walk or whatever. So Ruth hangs back a little bit, and at this point, she confronts Jesus again. This is like a 13 year old girl, okay? This is like, a very young girl. And when she confronts Jesus, she's like, I see that you still haven't told your wife about us. [00:13:03] Jesus is like, okay, look. Like, enough. Like, it's not funny anymore. And she says, don't you remember what happened? You tried to kiss me in the lift. And Jesus is like, no, you tried to kiss me in the lift. You're just being silly. You're at a difficult age. Like, stop inventing these things in your mind. It's fine, but, like, this isn't funny anymore. And Ruth is like, well, what about all the nice messages that you send me? And Jesus is like, dude, they were poems. You asked me to send you poems for a school project. And I did. She said, well, they were love poems. And he said, you told me that the project was about that, so what the hell? [00:13:42] He reassures Ruth, I'm really sorry that you got your hopes up. This is enough. And Ruth is like, well, if I showed my parents these texts, they won't think that it was a mistake. [00:13:53] And she's like, you know the love poems? I could send those to my parents. I could show them. [00:13:59] Jesus is like, okay, look, seriously, this is enough. Like, you. [00:14:04] You can't keep doing this. Like, you asked me for help for a school project, and I did it. Ruth is like, okay, look, you don't. Things are not working out with Maria. You need to be with me. Tell me that you love me. Why don't we lay in bed all day and have sex with each other? You look at all of my Instagram photos. You like all of them. And Jesus is like, okay, Ruth, I liked one photo of your dog playing with a toy. That is it. [00:14:28] She's like, okay, jesus, can you just say that you love me? I want you to admit it. [00:14:33] He tells her he still wants to be friends because he's trying to, like, take things easy and let her down easy. He's like, I like you a lot. But you're 13. I have a partner. I have a baby. I'm a father. I don't have time for this. [00:14:45] Please stop. Ruth tries one last time. She's like, can you just leave Maria and your son? We can run away in the night. I would do anything for you. And Jesus finally closes the door in her face. The most uncomfortable interaction ever. I hate this. [00:15:02] So they get inside, and Jesus starts to construct this brand new coffee table. [00:15:09] The baby is, you know, hanging out with mom and dad on the couch. And, you know, Maria is fawning over the baby, and Jesus is just thrilled that he got this ugly coffee table. They think it's ugly, ugly coffee table into the house. [00:15:31] He feels like it's a small victory for him. [00:15:34] And he makes another comment about how it was funny that the son, their son and the salesman both have the same shitty name. [00:15:44] He's like, I didn't like that name. I wanted a normal name. And Maria's like, well, for starters, you didn't want a child, so if you chose, he wouldn't be here. Jesus is like, okay, look, is this because of the coffee table? Like, this is enough. Like, please stop. [00:16:00] So he gets everything set up for the table. When he realizes he doesn't have these screws that he needs to anchor the glass pane to the tops of the women that are supporting the table, Maria tells him to screw himself, which I find odd in a response to, you know, not having the screws that you need. But whatever Jesus says, those fucking Swedes didn't give me the screw that I need. So if this is not a reference to Ikea, there is no hope for me or mankind or the rest of this movie even. [00:16:36] So he calls the salesman and, you know, explains to him what happened. He needs these screws that he didn't get. [00:16:44] The salesman agrees to bring over the missing screw that he needs. And this glass panel is just like. [00:16:53] It's just like, sitting loose on, you know, propped up. And she's like, I don't understand why you would do this to me. You didn't even think about how I feel about this. I hate this table. And he's like, okay, honey, you picked everything else in the house. [00:17:09] This is, you know, like, this is the only thing that's mine. And she's like, okay, so everything in the apartment is mine. So if we get divorced one day, I get to take everything, including my son. And Jesus is like, yeah, and then I'll get to keep the table. [00:17:29] Maria comments that Jesus's pedophile brother and his brother's girlfriend are coming over later, and Maria says that she needs to know what she should buy to go to the grocery store, things to make, you know, lunch or what or dinner or whatever. For the brother and the girlfriend. [00:17:53] They have some more conversation about the eating habits, about how they're both vegan and that I guess that's now a problem, I guess, for some reason. So she is just like, whatever, I'll just gonna, I'm just gonna go. And whatever I buy, I'll buy. And Jesus is really hung up on the fact that his brother is now a vegan. [00:18:11] And Maria says, well, some people choose to go vegan and others buy shit tables. [00:18:16] I'm leaving. I'm not taking my keys and I'm not taking the baby, so stay here. [00:18:22] Jesus is like, please, will you take the baby? And she's like, no, I'm leaving. [00:18:28] Jesus says, well, can you get some wine? Because I really feel like drinking. [00:18:33] And she's like, yeah, I'll get some because I actually fancy a drink too, but, you know, I actually can't drink because I have to breastfeed our son. So that's fun. [00:18:44] Maria leaves. [00:18:46] As soon as she does, the baby is just, you know, crying, crying like, he is very upset. And Asus tries to comfort him, like, do you want some music? He picks up the baby, walks around with it, trying to soothe it, and nothing is working. Now, Maria had requested that Jesus try to get the child to take a nap. [00:19:09] Baby is not having it. Baby wants to be with mom. Baby does not want to be with dad. But dad is trying his best to soothe the child. Now, it's not really working, but he's doing what he can. There's only so much you can do sometimes. [00:19:30] As he's pacing around the living room with the baby holding it, he's talking about like, hey, look at the table. Isn't daddy such a good daddy? Look at daddy's new table. And then the pacing stops and you hear some glass shattering and the baby is no longer crying. Now, this is a genius shot because we don't actually see what's going on, but we do hear some, like, birds chirping in the background. [00:19:56] And we see an image of the dining room table with Jesus's head and face slowly emerging onto the screen with blood splattered on his face. There's blood all over the floor. [00:20:09] There's blood everywhere. Like the glass has shattered. A piece of it has broken off. [00:20:16] He has blood all over his entire chest and clothes. And he looks down to find that the baby has been decapitated by this presumably broken piece of glass on the coffee table. [00:20:38] This immediately sends Jesus into a panic because he had one job, and it was to try to get the baby to take a nap. Well, not only did he fail at that, but he broke the coffee table that he just bought. [00:20:56] Maria is at the grocery store picking out some wine and some foods whenever she runs into an old friend. This old friend is shopping at the same store with her daughter, and they talk about how good life is when, you know, children are very small. And when they get older, things get a lot more complicated. And this old friend decides to ask how Jesus is and if she can, you know, say hi to him. And so Maria calls him, and he answers the phone but doesn't really say anything. [00:21:31] And Maria is like, hey, do you remember, you know, my friend, she wants to say hi. And then Jesus immediately hangs up the phone. He's not interested in talking to anyone. He probably can't even make himself engage in conversation if he wanted to. [00:21:49] So now Jesus is like, what the fuck am I supposed to do? [00:21:55] Between now and the time that my wife shows up from the store, he's in a panic. Panic is immediately setting in. Not only did you know, the baby die, but now he's also injured himself. He is picking pieces of glass out of his hand, and there's, you know, he basically has to come to the conclusion that there's not going to be any way of salvaging, you know, of basically, like, saying that nothing happened because he. There's blood everywhere. Like, you can't hide it. And their rug is white, so we all know how that goes. So he takes the baby off the floor and puts it on the couch and proceeds to change its diaper. Now, why is he changing its diaper? [00:22:49] Presumably so that he can prevent Maria from picking up the baby or checking on it. So if he has everything taken care of, then she won't need to touch it or hold it. As he's changing the diaper, though, guess what? [00:23:08] She's calling again. [00:23:10] So this time she is asking him, like, you know, hey, did the phone cut out? Like, did you lose signal? He says, yes. And she says, okay, well, I'm gonna go pick up wine. [00:23:24] Which kind would you like me to get? You know, we bought this one one time that was good, but then there's a cheaper one that we buy often, and your brother is boring without any alcohol, so, like, which one should I buy? [00:23:34] Jesus is just like, I don't mind. I don't care. [00:23:38] And she's like, please, you know, only you and your brother are gonna drink it, so just tell me which one you want. [00:23:45] He's like, yes. Okay, well, yes doesn't answer that question. So she's like, okay, well, I'm just gonna buy the usual one. And he hangs up on her. [00:23:56] He has other business to tend to, so this is not really on his priority list right now. [00:24:02] Never fear. Because she calls back and she's like, why would you hang up on me? I'm offering to go buy wine for you and your brother as an apology, and you hang up on me? Are you stupid? Like, what is going on? And he basically just doesn't say anything. So she's led to believe that he's answering this phone. He's angry about the table and how she doesn't like it, and he has no interest in talking to her because he's so upset. [00:24:25] So he hangs up again. [00:24:28] Maria gives up. He takes the baby and this giant blue teddy bear that also has blood splattered on it, and he places the baby into its crib, and he's thinking, okay, I will make it look as though the baby is sleeping. That's what Maria asked me to do, was to see if he would take a nap. And so that is what I am going to attempt to make it look like. [00:24:55] After Jesus gets his headless child out of the way, he proceeds to go into the kitchen, where he is frantically looking around for some cleaning solutions of some kind. And he finds an empty bottle that previously had cleaning solution in it and has a moment of panic before he remembers that he can always go upstairs and ask Ruth and Ruth's mom for some cleaning products. So he does just that, although he is still completely covered in blood. And so when he asks, the neighbors are like, oh, have you been painting? And he's like, yeah, painting. I've been painting. [00:25:36] So he gets these cleaning products, and he notices that the neighbors have a doormat out in front of their door that says, smile at life. And there's not a lot to smile for right now, but he seems to come up with a small one. Managed to have a small one. [00:25:57] On his way back down, he runs into the salesman from the furniture store who has brought his screw. And then the salesman is like, oh, hey. Like, have you been painting? [00:26:10] He's like, yeah, I've been painting. You know, just getting things ready with the baby and stuff like that. [00:26:15] You know, he, like, he's. People are feeding him a story, and he's taking it on. [00:26:24] The salesman is clueless and trying to be nice. And so he's like, hey, look, I have this raffle ticket. If you turn around, I can use your back as a, you know, like a table or something hard to write on, and I'll fill it out for you, and then you'll be entered into this raffle. And he's just like, oh, my fuck. Like, how can I get away from everybody? How is this happening? [00:26:50] After the salesman tries to, you know, get. He recites a prayer, first of all, to Jesus. And Jesus is like, I'm not very religious, but thank you. That's very nice. And the salesman is like, okay, well, we could go out for dinner, or we could go to the cinema, or we could grab drinks. Like, I don't have very many friends, but we could meet up if you wanted to, whenever. Like, he's just really desperate. [00:27:13] And he's like, I'll bring you the fan that you rented the raffle for because you're gonna win it. And Jesus basically slams the door in this guy's face and is back in the privacy of his own home to deal with what he needs to deal with. So now he has cleaning products in hand. [00:27:31] I don't think it's any surprise to any of you out there listening, but these cleaning products are only going to go so far because blood is blood. And it's not just that. You can't just, you know, it's not going to be perfect. It's not even going to be great. [00:27:49] It's just not going to happen. [00:27:52] As he's frantically cleaning, not doing a very good job, as I might add. [00:27:58] He notices that under the armchair in the living room, the baby's head is underneath it with a pool of blood surrounding it, even a trail slightly of blood leading to it. And he reaches to grab it, but can't make himself do it. [00:28:18] And he starts to panic again. [00:28:21] And I just want to warn you that the rest of this movie is one giant panic attack that this man is having. [00:28:29] He receives a text from Maria letting him know that he's an idiot and that she will be home in about 30 minutes. [00:28:36] With this in mind, he decides to try to rinse himself off and take a shower with hopes that this will solve all of his problems. But of course, blood and water, they just don't. [00:28:49] They just don't mix well. You know, things are still not looking too hot. [00:28:54] He cleans up his wound on his hand and, you know, puts on some clothes. Maria tries to buzz herself into their building. He doesn't respond, but some neighbors are also coming at the same time with their keys and let her in. And he goes out to the balcony, where he's kind of looking down, thinking almost, like, in a way, where he's trying to see how far down that really is from his balcony to the ground. Maria is at the door. She's buzzing, she's banging. He's not letting her in, but he finally turns around, puts on a brave ish face, and lets Maria into their apartment. [00:29:30] And this is where I started holding my breath for the rest of the film. [00:29:36] So he basically tells Maria, like, hey, I'm sorry. I didn't come to the door immediately. [00:29:41] I was getting the baby down to sleep. He started crying as soon as you left, and so it was hard to get him to sleep. I'm sorry. And she's freaking out, thinking that something's wrong because he's talking really slow and, like, cryptically. And he basically says he's in a deep sleep. Do not go into the room. Don't go into the baby's room. Don't wake him up. [00:30:07] She's like, I thought something happened. Like, when you didn't answer the door, I thought something bad happened. And he's like, well, something did happen. And he looks like he wants to tell her, but then he says, the coffee table glass broke, which sends Maria into hysterical bouts of laughter for the next, like, two and a half to three minutes. [00:30:29] She sees the blood on the carpet, on the rug, and she's like, we're gonna have to throw that away and get another one. And, like, the table's broken, so now we have to get another table. Like, your table is really costing a lot. [00:30:40] He basically keeps quiet, admits defeat, and they start to prepare lunch because Jesus's brother is coming over shortly, and Maria cannot stop laughing. She tells him it's karma. It's so funny that this glass is unbreakable and that, you know, it broke. So she finds that to be hysterically funny. And he is just taking it, and she's like, okay, tell me, like, what did you do to break it? How could you possibly break this glass so quickly? We haven't even had this table for a whole day. [00:31:17] And really, he doesn't have anything to say. Like, there's nothing he can say because he knows what happened. And she says, I would have loved to see the moment that it broke. I would have loved to see the look on your face now, dear listeners. [00:31:39] She goes on to say, I would have given anything to see it. [00:31:43] And she continues to laugh, and he is just keeping quiet. About everything. Because why in the. He knows what happened. Like, why in the fuck would you want to see that happen? Like, we know what happened. She doesn't. [00:31:59] Eventually, she says, I'm gonna go check on the baby, and leaves Jesus in the kitchen chopping up vegetables. And she says, I'm actually gonna go also grab the baby monitor. [00:32:11] And the way that he's holding the knife looks like whenever she comes back in, he's gonna do something to her. But rest assured, he does not. [00:32:19] There's blood on the door handle to the nursery. Maria doesn't notice when she opens, and so she goes in, and as soon as she does, jesus is like, walks in right behind her. She approaches the crib, and he's like, hey, I'll watch him. [00:32:32] It's okay. Like, I got it. You. You've been busy. Like, let's let him sleep. Like, I'll take care of it. Relax. Enjoy lunch. I will take care of our baby. Maria is like, well, I have to feed the baby soon. I have to breastfeed him. Can you do that too? Like, what the fuck? I want to look at my kid. [00:32:50] Jesus says, can you just give me 2 hours? You know, things just don't get better. [00:33:01] So he goes on to say that he loves her and he just wanted her to know that. [00:33:06] And, you know, basically they share this heartfelt moment where they describe their feelings for one another about how they've grown apart during the pregnancy and after and that, you know, they're reassuring one another that the love is still there. [00:33:21] He tells her, you know, if I've ever done anything to hurt you or if I ever do anything to hurt you in the future, please forgive me. Life is too much sometimes. [00:33:35] Humans, I'm a human. We make mistakes. [00:33:39] They share a moment of nice reconciliation, and Maria seems to be satisfied for the time being. [00:33:49] She lets Jesus know that no matter what happens, they will get through anything together. [00:33:57] And she leaves the nursery. [00:34:00] Jesus is not feeling any better about any of this, to be honest. Like, you would think that maybe that made him feel a little bit better, that conversation, but that is simply not the case. And so, yeah, there's some whispering that we could hear in the nursery, and it's presumably Jesus talking to himself. But he does grab the baby monitor as promised and brings it into the kitchen. Now Maria is listening to the output of this baby monitor, and she's like, do you hear. What is that dripping sound? Like? Do you hear that? [00:34:44] Jesus is like, okay, well, don't worry about it. Like, that's weird. Like, I will go take care of it. [00:34:50] He goes back into the nursery and looks under the crib to find that all of the blood, essentially, from the baby's decapitated body is leaking through its clothes, blankets, mattress, from the crib onto the floor. [00:35:11] Slightly before the arrival of Jesus's brother, he sits down to open a bottle of wine and have a glass for himself and looks at the baby monitor where he starts to hallucinate that there is noise coming from it and that the noise level is loud, but there's no noise coming from it. And Maria knows that, so she's like, okay, well, everything's fine. Like, I didn't hear anything. [00:35:37] And then the doorbell rings, and in comes Carlos and Christina. [00:35:44] Now, they haven't been together for very long, and Maria makes sure to comment that. But Christina makes sure to let everybody in the room know that she cannot wait to meet Gaetano. [00:35:58] She can't wait to meet the baby. [00:36:01] Christina, very lovely. You know, she's very bubbly and, you know, just upbeat, happy to be invited, happy to be around. And Carlos makes a comment that, you know, Jesus looks very sad. He looks pathetic. What's going on? And Maria basically throws him under the bus again and is like, look like he's annoyed and he's sad because he had a bad day. He had this coffee table there. You know, it's. [00:36:30] It's broken. And Christina makes a comment that there's still some blood, like, dripping down from or it looks like it's dripping down from the upholstery of the armchair in the living room. [00:36:43] So he gets down to clean it up very quickly. He has tissues. And Carlos and Christina say that they watched a crime documentary once that basically showed that you can clean up blood easily with toothpaste. [00:37:01] Don't know if there's any validity to that. [00:37:04] CARLos and Christina essentially agree with Maria that the coffee table is ugly, and they press to go into the baby's room. Now, obviously, Jesus has some problems with that and is like, please don't go in there. It's, you know, it's too much because it took me forever to get him to go to sleep, and, like, I really don't want you going in there and waking him up. And so they say, well, let me give you this gift first. [00:37:31] The gift is a baby outfit with a matching beanie. And so she pulls the, you know, the outfit out first and then the beanie out second, and, you know, kind of in a symbolic way that is to mean basically that, you know, there's a headless baby somewhere in the house. So anyways, they decide, okay, Christina and Carlos can come in to the baby's room as long as they don't disturb him and they don't make any, any noise to wake the baby up. [00:38:02] So they all go in and they're taking an extensive amount of time trying to, you know, look at the baby, see what's in the bedroom, talking about, you know, all the things that they love or, you know, how much they adore him and what have you, and it just takes so long. [00:38:25] Jesus is basically freaking the fuck out at this point. There's too many people in the room, and there's too many people too close. [00:38:33] As they sit down to eat lunch, Maria explains to everyone the history of the spanish omelette, which is what she is serving for lunch that day. And Jesus is not eating. He doesn't want to eat. He's not talking. And Carlos is like, look, dude, you're drowning yourself in wine. Like, what is going on? Please eat at least something. [00:38:57] And it's interesting because Mister Carlos, who was reported to have been vegan, is eating this spanish omelet, which has eggs in it, which he should not be eating. But he says that he can make an exception basically because he loves spanish omelets. And I honestly can't blame him. I really cannot. [00:39:20] Throughout the entirety of their lunch together, everyone is able to laugh and speak joyously with one another and, you know, have conversation. And Jesus is not engaged whatsoever. He has some food on his plate, but as he cuts into it, it appears to start, you know, pooling with blood, and the entire plate is covered in red. And there's a short scene where it looks like there's blood coming out of his mouth at the table. And all he can do is focus on the fact that there is a baby's head under the armchair, you know, in the adjacent room. [00:40:03] So this sauce that's on whatever he's eating, I honestly don't know, was dripping out of his mouth until a piece of it, the piece of food with the sauce on it, falls onto his plate and stops. [00:40:18] He explains to Maria that, yes, this is, this is fine food. I'm just not fond of it. And I feel faint, I'm sweaty, you know, what have you. [00:40:30] He reassures her that it's not the cut that's making him feel this way. Like, yeah, he lost some blood and, yeah, he cleaned it well, but that's. [00:40:38] That's pretty much it. [00:40:41] Carlos tries to be engaging and says, like, you know what? He's afraid of being a dad. Being a dad is too much for him. [00:40:48] That's probably what we're feeling right now. [00:40:53] Christina asks what it feels like to be a parent. And Jesus basically says, you know, it's life changing and that's pretty much it. [00:41:08] But it is revealed at this table also. Lots of things happen at this table that Christina is also pregnant. And Christina is very, very young. She is like, I don't know, probably pretty much 18. [00:41:27] They talk about the love that you have for a child, how it's different than the love you have for your romantic partner or anything else in life. And Christina being pregnant is honestly just a shock for everyone. But they seem to get over it rather quickly, especially being that her and Carlos don't know each other for that long or very well. And, you know, it's a difficult, difficult time. [00:41:58] After some further discussion about who you should love, in what order in your life, all Jesus can do is play in his head the speech that the salesman gave to him and Maria regarding the table that they were going to buy. And everything always comes back to the eating habits, apparently, of Christina and Carlos. [00:42:26] And it's. [00:42:31] Oh, it's just. It's palpable. The absurdity is palpable. So he basically says, carlos does. He tells Maria and Jesus that he went vegan because he, you know, was asked to become vegan by Christina. And, you know, and they're doing it as an act of solidarity. And Maria jokes, well, if Christina asked you to kill us, now, would you? And he said, yeah, you would both be dead. Like, I don't think for myself. I don't have a brain of my own. Yeah, I would kill you both, but I wouldn't kill Cayetano. I would only kill the two of you. And we would keep Kaietano. [00:43:11] They show a picture of the ultrasound of their baby and reveal that the name of their baby girl is going to be Kaietana. [00:43:20] What the hell is up with this name? Why is it cursed? I don't understand why it's cursed in this film. From what I understand, it's actually a very beautiful name. [00:43:29] I'm not entirely sure. But at this point, everybody's getting agitated with Jesus because he is being so quiet, he's so distant. And he tells Carlos that he basically doesn't give a fuck that he got this 18 year old girl pregnant and that it's one of his many fuck ups. [00:43:50] This is going to complicate her life. It's going to ruin yours. And if this just so happens to be because of a table buying that table was the biggest mistake I ever made. [00:44:01] Jesus says he's off to the bathroom and leaves everyone at the table, and Maria is just apologizing. She doesn't understand why he's being this way. He's being so rude, and it's really troubling her. And Carlos is just like, look, he gets his paranoia. He's had it before. It's okay. When he gets like this, I'll just go talk to him, and I'll figure everything out. Okay? [00:44:22] So Maria and Christina stay at the table while Jesus is in the bathroom, and he is essentially typing, like, a note on his phone about how it's essentially a suicide note. I mean, he's talking about how he killed their son, but he's too weak to tell her to her face and can't comfort her and won't, you know, won't allow himself to be part of her life, and he's responsible for making the rest of her life an absolute nightmare. [00:44:58] He tells basically that, you know, by the time she reads this, he'll be gone and to please forget him if she's able to do so. [00:45:09] Carlos goes into the bathroom to, you know, try to sort things out with Jesus. And Maria at the table decides she needs a glass of wine, even though she's breastfeeding. And Christina tries to take the glass away, and she's like, look, they're gonna sort everything out. Everything's going to be fine. But Maria is like, we're just so angry. Like, we're angry. We've been fighting over a stupid coffee table, and now he's acting very weird, and the whole thing is just a complete fuck up. [00:45:36] And now for the moment that you've all been waiting for, Carlos and Jesus are in the nursery. [00:45:42] Jesus is on the floor crying. And Carlos goes over to the crib and wants to essentially look at Cayetano because he can't believe what his brother is telling him. [00:45:59] And when he pulls back the blanket, that's over Kaeyetano's, you know, where his head should be. [00:46:07] He finds that there's nothing there, and he says he's headless. Where is the head? And Jesus says, I know his head is under the armchair in the living room, and I couldn't bring myself to pick it up. I've decided I'm going to jump off of our balcony and kill myself, and I need to rest, and I can't live with this, you know, for much longer or even the rest of the day. [00:46:33] While this is happening. There's a knock at the nursery door. Of course, because how could you have a movie like this without having some added intention? [00:46:42] And it is Maria coming to ask, what are you guys talking about? [00:46:50] Carlos reassures her, it's just brotherly things like, everything's fine. Please go back to be with Chris. [00:46:57] You know, the baby's still sleeping. Everything's fine. I just don't want her to be alone. [00:47:03] Maria tells him that she needs to wake up the baby in ten minutes to breastfeed. [00:47:09] So essentially, Jesus has ten minutes to figure out how he's gonna do this. [00:47:16] Carlos is pretty much under the impression that this is something that we can't keep from Maria. We're gonna have to tell her. And, you know, how are we gonna do that? In a way that's the best way possible. [00:47:30] Jesus is like, dude, this is so ridiculous. We're not gonna tell her I need to die. Like, it doesn't make any sense for us to even tell her. There's nothing that you can say that's going to make this any better. And why would we even fucking tell her? Just let me kill myself. [00:47:44] Carlos is like, dude, it was an accident. Like, if you just tell her it was an accident, I'm sure she'll understand. We all make accidents. We're humans. [00:47:52] I'll tell Maria what happened, you know, on your behalf. She needs to know. But there's no way that she can see her headless baby. [00:48:06] So Jesus is just beside himself. He knows what he has to do. [00:48:13] Carlos is trying to tell him, like, dude, you're gonna have to be there for Maria. You can't kill yourself, because if you do, then she'll have nothing. [00:48:23] And while they're in the middle of this discussion, of course, the doorbell rings, and it's Ruth. Remember Ruth? [00:48:30] She wants to come in. And Maria answers the door. And she basically. Maria forces, or, I'm sorry. Ruth forces her way in through Maria. And she's like, I need to tell you both something very important. Let me come in. I will explain. Maria tells her it's not a good day. Come back tomorrow. But Ruth is persistent. It's urgent. I need to talk to you both. [00:48:55] Inevitably, she finds her way into the apartment. [00:49:00] She tells Maria that Jesus kissed her in the elevator, which we all know isn't true. But Maria brings her inside and, you know, into the dining area. And Ruth has her dog with her. And the dog just starts to go ape shit, okay? It's barking. It's like sniffing all around the chair. And Maria is like, okay, look, this whole situation with Ruth, with Ruth, like that must be the reason for your mood today. [00:49:31] And Ruth is just pressing, like, why don't you tell her more? Tell her what happened. Tell her about us. [00:49:37] But everyone is concerned that knows. So that's basically Jesus and Carlos and the dog that there's, you know, they know what's going on. They know what's under the chair. [00:49:54] Maria tries to get the dog to stop barking, but of course it doesn't. And it goes under the chair and grabs the head and has it in its mouth. [00:50:07] It rolls it out. The dog has blood all over its face. Maria is freaking out. Tell me what happened, for the fuck's sake. Like, what did you do? And Carlos is just holding the head of the baby. [00:50:26] Maria can't believe that this is happening. [00:50:29] He tells her to leave the apartment with Christina. But of course that's not what anyone's going to do. Christina throws up. Maria can't believe what's happening. But if she understands that there's a head, you know, in Carlos's hands and that is what is to be true. [00:50:49] Carlos ends up showing Maria the head of her child because she will not let it rest. [00:51:00] She wouldn't leave the apartment. So there was no opportunity to explain later and to clear everything up so she didn't have to witness it. And she breaks into, I mean, complete Tony Collette style hereditary performance. [00:51:20] It's absolutely awful. It's gut wrenching. Like, I can't even describe it to you. And I. [00:51:26] It's something that I hope that no one ever has to see in this lifetime or hold. [00:51:38] MARIA basically decides that she's going to walk straight to the balcony and she throws herself off of it in front of everyone. [00:51:53] Cut to the next scene, which is our final, which includes some police officers that have arrived on the scene and two officers talk to one another about what they found. What they have found, essentially is a baby with a detached head, a woman and a man. [00:52:15] Presumably they have thrown themselves off this balcony in some sort of murder suicide attempt. [00:52:22] And that is where the film ends. [00:52:28] So I know what you're thinking. [00:52:33] Is this similar in concept to. [00:52:40] I mean, let's think about recent films with decapitation that we know about. [00:52:44] Most notably, I think we all know about hereditary. [00:52:49] There is a pretty gruesome decapitation in that film as well. [00:52:55] I think what's so interesting about this film, the coffee table is that Jesus has to sit with this guilt of this, you know, accident for a long time, like a whole day. [00:53:16] And Alex and hereditary doesn't have to sit with it that long. [00:53:22] Right. I mean, Toni Collette finds out mere hours after the fact, after finding her daughter's headless body in her car. [00:53:35] But it's almost like if you took that scene where right after the car accident and hereditary, and let us in on the psyche of what Alex specifically was going through and all of the things that he played out in his head and how he was going to tell his parents and things of that nature, I mean, it's almost like an extended version of what that look into his psyche would have been like. [00:54:06] What's even more interesting, I think about this is the. [00:54:14] The furniture. [00:54:17] The furniture as a plot device is something that I feel like is underutilized. Okay? Like, it's. It's incredibly effective, but it doesn't always get the attention, in my opinion, that it deserves. [00:54:34] So let's think about things that move a narrative forward that are household objects. Right. [00:54:42] We can think about poltergeist directed by Tobe Hooper. Right? The tv, the whole film is essentially centered around the tv. [00:54:54] In the puffy chair from JMRC Duplasse, the lounge chair. We have probably most notably in rope, the Alfred Hitchcock movie, there's an ottoman that conceals a corpse. So using the furniture to move things along, I find it to be effective. [00:55:26] I think it's effective because you're taking something that's inanimate and using it as a sort. You're giving it, like, human like characteristics or qualities. Right. You're saying this is going to bring you happiness. [00:55:39] This coffee table is going to make you happy. It's going to bring you happiness. Why would a coffee table bring me eternal happiness in my home? That doesn't really make sense. It's a piece of furniture. It's an inanimate object. But what it is, is essentially what it represents. [00:55:55] And a coffee table is something that, if you have one. Right. I understand. Not everybody has one. Not everybody likes coffee tables. I mean, I do, but what do you use a coffee table for? Right. You use it when you're eating or drinking or serving snacks in your living room. What do you do in a living room? In a living room, you spend time with the people that you love, the people that are around you, the people that live with you, the people that you invite over. [00:56:26] It's meant to be essentially this thing that binds all of you together. [00:56:33] It's a coffee table. Right? It's something that you all get to use. [00:56:39] Where I think everything goes wrong for our characters here, Jesus and Maria, is that these pieces of furniture, these decisions surrounding pieces of furniture, are not made by the couple together. They're made completely one sidedly. Maria has essentially determined everything in their life. When they have a baby, what the baby's name is, what color the walls are in the apartment, what the furniture is, when the baby sleeps, when the baby eats, when I don't fuck all, what Jesus's mom wears to the wedding, everything she has decided. [00:57:27] And the one opportunity for Jesus to make an impactful decision on what is going on in their home is when he gets to pick out this coffee table. [00:57:45] The unfortunate fact of the matter is he picked out this coffee table out of spite. [00:57:55] Very rarely does anything good come from acts of spitefulness, particularly when it comes to your partner. [00:58:06] It doesn't appear that Maria has done any of these things that she's done or chosen any of these items that she's chosen for their lives together as, you know, as a way to hurt her or him. Right. It's not something that is done intentionally to hurt each other, but what it is, is symbolic of don't fuck your partner over. [00:58:36] Don't do it. It doesn't make sense. I mean, I think it's a clever way. It's a clever take on happy wife, happy life. [00:58:48] If you listen to the wish of your partner, then your domestic life together will be tranquil, peaceful people will remain happy. But that's not what happens here. That's not what happens at all. [00:59:05] And Jesus is seeing this opportunity to pick out this piece of furniture as, you know, as a way to stand up for himself and make a decision for his family and exercise that kind of masculine energy that he possesses, that seemingly he hasn't gotten to exercise, because Maria makes all of their decisions. [00:59:28] But Jesus sees this as something far greater than simply taking on the role of making a decision for his family and stepping up into a role that's a bit more mature than the role that Maria portrays him to have, which is of someone who is essentially nothing to her. And he takes it a step further when he tells a salesman that he wants to buy this coffee table, even if it's just out of pride. [00:59:53] Pride is largely never seen as something positive. [01:00:01] Pride is considered the root of all evil. And many, um, many philosophies and in many, um, you know, religions, practices, it's not. It's. It's the original sin, right? Like, it's something that is incredibly important. [01:00:22] And what I think is so odd is that pride is essentially having, you know, confidence. [01:00:34] Well, it's deeper than confidence. It's almost confidence to a fault. But it feels like Jesus is. [01:00:42] This is a false feeling for him. [01:00:44] Right. He's pretty insecure with everything surrounding his life. Like, none of the things in his life have been made with any input from him. None of the decisions in his life have been made with his input. So he doesn't really feel confident in selecting another coffee table. He simply found one that his wife hated and was like, I'm going to do it. You know, in a sort of just way of saying, look at me. I'm so confident everyone should listen to me because I have great taste. And this is going to, you know, fuel my ego and I'm going to be stronger and I'm going to put my foot down and, like, there's going to be things in my life that go right from now on, and there's going to be decisions that I get to make from now on because I got to make this one. [01:01:32] Well, when someone trusts you to make a decision and you don't make a good one, like an objectively good one, like buying something that your partner has already asked you not to buy, there's just nothing good that could come from something like that. [01:01:49] It is false sense of satisfaction that you get from something like that. [01:02:00] Ultimately, what I find to this film to be is a study of a marriage. [01:02:10] And I. I know that it's called the coffee table, and I know that the coffee table is a plot device, but think of it this way, they do nothing but argue the entire time. [01:02:25] And he has become so. [01:02:29] I don't even know, lacking in self confidence that he cannot even tell his wife when he made a mistake. [01:02:40] We don't see what happened on screen when, you know, their child ultimately meets his death. [01:02:51] But from what I can imagine is what happened is that it was purely an accident. [01:02:59] He was likely walking. [01:03:01] I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a coffee table or tripped over a coffee table. I trip over, like, my bed frame all the time. [01:03:11] He was likely just walking and had not secured that glass panel that goes on the top of that table, ran into it and dropped the baby at the same time. And it just so happened that this. The great misfortune of that is that his child died because of it. [01:03:31] And it's not like. I mean, I don't. I would hesitate to say that it's common. I don't want to say that it's common or that it's like something that happens all the time, but there's obviously been throughout history, times where parents have, you know, contributed, not going to say, wholly responsible but have contributed to the death of their child. It's an accident. [01:04:04] I don't know that it. I wouldn't go as far as to say, it's okay. I'm not willing to philosophize on that or opine. [01:04:16] But I do think that it's always better to go to someone when you've made a mistake with genuine cause, concern. [01:04:24] Um, give them, you know, all the details, express how sorry you are. Don't wait. Don't wait to tell them later. It never makes anything better. And all it does is make the person that you hurt and try to not hurt by hiding it. It makes the pain even worse for them. [01:04:48] And it appears that Jesus might have been keeping some secrets from Maria. He didn't tell her anything about Ruth, the neighborhood who's obsessed with him. [01:04:59] That was also a surprise. But his brother knew, right? Carlos knew, and Carlos knew about the incident with the baby in the table far before Maria knew. [01:05:13] So I almost feel like fundamentally, there's a disconnect in their marriage. And again, like I said, you can see it throughout the dialogue, very intense and very in your face. And what I think is ironic is that the baby and the table were effectively broken at the same time. [01:05:42] The baby is something that Maria wanted, and the table is something that Jesus wanted. And both of them, look, they both lost. [01:05:51] They both lost, like, there's no getting around it, like, there's no way to sugarcoat it. Maria lost the child that she so wanted. And even though it wasn't a good decision and was made with spite, Jesus lost the table that he wanted. [01:06:07] It's almost as if the two were used as means of control over the other. [01:06:13] Maria decides that, you know, as the carrier of a child, she's going to have one. [01:06:19] Doesn't really get any input from anybody else. [01:06:23] Jesus buys the table without, you know, respecting her input at all. [01:06:29] They both do things to hurt one another. [01:06:35] I don't know how I would feel if I were Jesus, but if I had to speculate, I would feel the same way. If you tell me that, you know, you got off birth control without telling me and you got pregnant and you wanted to have this baby and this is all you've ever wanted out of life, then, like, I'm probably gonna be a little upset when I have already told you that I don't think it's the right time for us to have one. [01:07:01] So it seems constantly like, this couple is trying to exert control over one another, and Maria ultimately thinks that she had the upper hand when the coffee table breaks. When the glass breaks, she laughs for it's like two and a half to three minutes of her laughing about this table being broken because the glass was considered, quote unquote, unbreakable. And so for her, she feels like she has some sense of. [01:07:31] I don't know, some sense of power over him or some sense of she's happy, essentially, that he can't get to have what he wants. She has everything that she wants in her mind. Before she found out that her baby was gone, she actually did have control over everything. [01:07:59] Felt like she was losing it with the purchase of the table and got it back whenever the table broke. [01:08:06] And maybe the salesman kind of knew, in a way, potentially, what would maybe happen in the future, right? Like, he makes a comment to say when they're at the store initially purchasing it to tell them that he, you know, if you treat this table with love like you treat, you know, people that you love in your family, if you cultivate with love, then this table will be perfect. But the table, if we take it to symbolize the marriage at play, the marriage is clearly weak, and the table is also weak. [01:08:48] Had their marriage been cultivated and fostered and given time to develop into a strong and healthy and happy connection and lifelong connection that you have with someone, likely this would have never happened because the table, as the metaphor for the marriage would have been so strong that it wouldn't have mattered what you did to it and it wouldn't break. [01:09:13] Broken marriage, broken table. [01:09:16] The whole thing gives me. [01:09:20] Gives me some nightmares. Okay. Like, this is. This is definitely not a film for the faint of heart. This is not a film for those who are uneasy about watching on screen depictions of violence and or cruel happenings with children. [01:09:42] And truthfully, if you're going through a rocky marriage, I would argue that this is probably not the best thing to sit down and watch on your Friday night evening, particularly if you're involved in any sort of dynamic, in any interpersonal relationship where one of the people involved is trying to exert some kind of power over the other. [01:10:07] I think the best example of that is whenever we see Maria laughing so hysterically about the table being broken, and she comments that it's karma. [01:10:18] She didn't want the table. Jesus did. He did it out of spite. And what he gets in return for that action is a broken table. [01:10:28] Yes, that might be karma, sure. [01:10:33] But is it. [01:10:36] Isn't it also karma that she talks to him in such awful ways? [01:10:45] Awful ways? She calls him an idiot. She's quick to jump down his throat about every word that comes out of his mouth. He very well could be a dumbass. I don't really think that that gives you a reason to talk to your spouse in that way. [01:11:01] What did she think was going to happen? Or come out of a relationship where only one person is involved in decision making and you argue over trivial things constantly and there's no input given from the other party ever? [01:11:22] What did she think was going to happen? [01:11:25] I'm not saying Jesus, you know, killed their child on purpose. That's absolutely not true. It was an accident. [01:11:31] It was a complete accident. But what I am saying is the karma that Maria receives, and I hate to even call it that, because no one deserves something like this, is the, you know, the death of her child in this case. And I'm not saying that that's how things happen in real life. I really don't want anybody to take it that way. No one deserves to lose their child. I'm saying, specifically talking about just the film at hand, what it. What some of the central themes are, right, one of them is karma. And to apply it in this way seems harsh and seems heartless and cold. And I'm sorry for that because I don't mean it to come across that way. But what I do think is, if we're sticking with that theme, Maria's cruelty, ultimately her karma, I suppose, comes from the death of her baby. [01:12:33] One positive thing that I think might come out of this is anyone who had, has maybe a similar story, and not similar in the fact, you know, where you had a coffee table that your spouse hated and it broke and your baby died because of the table. I'm not saying that, but I'm saying there are parents out there who have lost children and may feel some sort of responsibility for the thing that took place after. And that's simply not true. Right? Like, it might feel like it's your fault. It's not. [01:13:13] Of course, unless you're a murderer, it's not your fault. And I'm certain that someone out there who has suffered the death of a child, if they were to watch this, would. Would be able to empathize with Maria and her reaction at the very end. [01:13:32] And I think we can all sympathize with being afraid to tell something to our spouse, and we can all absolutely empathize with the disdain or unhappiness we feel when we know couples that have been together for like a week and they're like the happiest people in the world and they got pregnant, and it almost feels like why do they get, why does everything be so easy for them? Why is it so easy? Why do we have to work so hard to have what we have? [01:14:04] I think there's a lot of emotionality at play, and this is something that I think every viewer will find something to relate to. [01:14:13] So with that, I think I am finished torturing you with this episode. I want to thank you all for listening. And again, of course, as you already know, I'm very sorry because I feel like I can't ever just talk about your normal, average, everyday movie. But that's not why you listen. [01:14:35] Quick reminder, the final girl on 6th Avenue is part of the incredible, morbidly beautiful network. Morbidly beautiful is your home for horror. If you love horror in any way, shape or form, then you are [email protected]. Please head on over anytime. Check us out. Show all of us some love. There's amazing contributors to the site and we wouldn't be able to do any of this without, you know, all of you. [01:15:01] You can find this podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and Pocket casts. If you enjoyed the show, it would of course mean the world to me if you left me a five star review and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. For questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or requests, you can email [email protected] or you can send me a message on Instagram at finalgirlonsix. [01:15:28] Thank you so much for listening. I'm happy that I got to chat with you all today. I hope to not be bringing you something this dark and cruel for the next episode, but with me, I feel like you never know and I can't make that promise. So thank you all for listening. I will talk to you again very soon and never forget that I am six avenues very own.

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